In a previous post I said that your journey starts with the word WHY. The reason is different for each person but if you are determined then you will invariably find your journey leading to a better quality of life overall.

What is your reason for wanting to lose weight? Let’s explore this a little further.


It is scientifically proven that obesity is linked to many diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and many others. The following is not a scaring tactic but rather common sense, knowing that if you ignore this for long enough then you will likely fall prey to one or more of the many diseases caused by obesity.

Also don’t think that if you are obese and young then you are still safe because only older people start developing problems. I can assure you this is not the case as obesity affects all age groups. It is however so that the older you become the more issues you will develop if you don’t take care of your health.


I recently traveled to Thailand & found myself staring at the most horrendous marketing material on a cigarette pack in a seven-eleven one day. I digress but the principles are basically the same. Why do people still smoke after seeing these graphic images, knowing that this may be their outcome in a few of years?

The same holds true for obesity in that, if you are obese and your are not doing anything about your problem then you are likely to develop health problems in time. Ignoring this fact will not serve you well in the long run & you don’t want to wait until it is too late as it is usually far more of a challenge to turn things around at such an advanced stage


It’s going to be important that you take some time to determine what really motivates you to lose weight? When I was

diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes at the age of 40 I thought to myself, is this the start of the end? My doctor placed me on medication and proposed that I consider becoming more active as according to him the cause was my obesity. I also had to work on my cholesterol as that was also high at the time and he wanted to place me on statin drugs for this.

I can remember thinking that I have reached that age now where you have to drink a hand-full of pills each day in order to stay alive, I can remember thinking what would happen to my children should I die. Not being there for them and not sharing their milestones with them, also perhaps leaving them financially worse-off was not a good one to ponder. I can remember telling myself that this was the last straw, to stand up & to get my act together. I needed to take action!


I am sure you can see what my motivation was. I love my children more than anything and want to be here for them as it is intended to be. It will be different for everyone but finding your motivation is unbelievably powerful! I am sure you will appreciate the fact that this reason that you have just found, that will be used as motivation to change your ways is still just an idea.

Say you want to sell your car (still just an idea) and you keep thinking about selling your car but you are not telling anyone or doing any advertising, do you think the car will get sold just by thinking about it? If you take action and advertise the car then you will receive phone calls and you may ultimately sell your car, as this was your ultimate goal.

If you keep thinking that you should lose weight but you don’t take action then nothing will change. If you keep doing what you are doing then you will keep getting what you have, no other or better results! I told myself to get up off of the couch, schedule an appointment with my GP, dietitian & investigate what it would take to lead a more active lifestyle.


Believe me when I say I have been there and know exactly what you are going through. This is not easy at all, as with change in any area of your life. You have to work on your motivation as this will drive you to take action. When you take action, then make sure to remain consistent. You will have your off days when you may fall back into your old habits but at first, try to make this the exception and not the rule!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I am about 49 pounds overweight and I know I should lose it, but my main problem is not being able to afford healthier food, which tends to make me depressed and complacent.

    My husband and I are going to start intermittent fasting to start whittling down this fat. Thank you for giving me a little more motivation.

  2. I agree that just thinking about losing weight won’t solve the problem. You have to take some positive actions to change your lifestyle.

  3. I can attest to your post because I experienced to same things you did. I let myself become a couch potato and begin to suffer from some of things mention in your article. The comments that were made are so true. Your article is well written and so true. Thanks for sharing your motivating and take action words.

  4. A lot of people want to make a change but just lack the will power and motivation to lose weight and become healthier. It usually happens if you get a warning from the doctor to change your lifestyle or else. Quit smoking, cut down on the alcohol and walk instead of taking the car. It really does all help.

  5. Motivation is key to lose weight, I know, you have lots of supplements, but it is really what is in your head that matters, to reach that goal.
    I’m sure this post will help lots of people to be motivated enough to reach their goal!

  6. Hi Jacques,

    You explained a few things to me about obesity and health. You have raised very good points here. Yeah, I see lots of people overweight in my neighborhood.

    However, I didn’t they are serious about it. Definitely, they need guidance and motivation for the solution. We need sites like yours.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

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