I found the reasons why I didn’t lose weight, even while training at gym had to do with bad habits, poor planning, wrong weight loss beliefs & perhaps some medical factors. The following are 6 obstacles to weigh loss that I personally encountered.

#1 Plan meals; PREP Your food according to caloric needs

Consult a dietitian and then start prepping your weekly food according to your caloric needs. If you don’t then you will find yourself eating anything that is readily available which is highly unbalanced. It may be that you believe you have some sort of plan but I found that it is extremely effective to prep meals and then stick to these according to your eating schedule.

If you prep meals and keep to your eating schedule then you will be feeding your body in logical intervals, controlling sugar levels, and in doing this the hunger or cravings should disappear, make sense? Cutting back on carbohydrates and rather eating whole foods / eating mindfully should be the rule!

#2 Bad habits that are sabotaging your goals? Binge eating

I found myself eating “healthy snacks” & drinking sugar beverages between my already meticulously prepped meals. If you are going through the trouble to ensure that you prep food according to your caloric needs, then there is nothing more senseless than eating junk in between, as this basically sabotages the whole exercise.

You will find that it is probably costing you slightly more to eat clean as you are not just eating cheap processed / baked goods / fast foods, not to mention that it also costs you more ITO time to prepare all of this from natural raw ingredients, so think twice before you succumb to a bad habit.

#3 Too much healthy food will cause weight gain!

Take some time to understand healthy fats and the amounts that should be taken on a daily basis. If you add more that your allowance of avocado, olive oil or other items in this category per meal, then you will gain weight and you will be wondering – I eat healthy yet I am not losing weight!??

Once you scrutinize your daily intake will you find where you are actually overeating? Also remember that fruit is healthy but too much of it will make you gain weight as it contains lots of sugar, especially fruit juice!

#4 You are not drinking enough water – Water retention

The following is something that I learned from a friend of mine who is an avid body builder. He taught me that if you don’t hydrate yourself sufficiently then your body will think that there is a water shortage and water will then be retained. This is the reason for your skin around your midsection to feel puffy when not sufficiently hydrated.

Bodybuilders start drinking lots of water about 10 days before their competition and what happens is that their bodies will then flush and freely expel water as it feels no shortage. The morning before the competition they will usually abstain from taking in any liquid and in this short phase the body will continue to expel water as if there is no shortage, which in turn helps to get their skin as thin as possible for max. definition.

#5 You have a medical condition

In one of my other posts I refer to making sure you go to the doctor for a check-up before you start your weight loss challenge. The reason for this is to ensure that you know what you are dealing with, if any!? Should you have a condition, the doctor may prescribe the required medicine as part of your routine in order for you to at least have a fair chance of losing weight.

There are many conditions such as but not limited to Diabetes, Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid), ovarian syndrome & also Testosterone decline. Make sure that you know where you stand in this regard.

#6 You are not lifting weights

The following is not compulsory but I can tell you that this boosts weight loss like you cannot believe. I conducted a little experiment that proves this point as follows; I generally keep with my eating & exercise routine from month to month and my weight remains stable except for muscle gain which obviously relates to some weight gain.

Each year I stop exercise for one whole month – usually July, and in this month I strictly keep to my eating routine especially to avoid gaining weight. By doing this my weight doesn’t remain stable but I rather gain weight slowly over the period of that month. The moment I get back into the gym I can immediately see my weigh stabilize again


There are many factors that will sabotage your weight loss and being aware of the above reasons I believe you will be able to customize your approach slightly. If required, go and consult a doctor & dietitian as I can vouch that this will be money well spent. I hope the above will help if you are experiencing such a problem currently?

Please feel free to leave a question in the comment section below and I will get right back to you.

All the best!




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