In my opinion the only way to lose weight in a sustainable way is to fully understand the various aspects in need of change, in order to achieve results and continue to do so for the long term. By attending to only one aspect while neglecting the others will result in failure, as it may provide some results but may also prove to be an up-hill battle in the long term. It is important for this reason that you apply your mind and determine what factors will help you achieve results and keep it going consistently.

After my education on the topic it all became very clear to me and what was most profound was the understanding that the answer was so basic & easy that anyone can understand and implement it. It all then goes back to the topic of motivation, so why do you want to lose weight & if you know why and you are determined then you will be able to achieve the results that you long for. The following list is a short list of the most important aspects to a weight loss program and the absence of one or more of these items may impact negatively on your weight loss journey


  • SUPPORT – Do you have someone or are you part of a community of like-minded people that can help you through your journey? Or do you struggle with motivation & support?
  • ADVICE – Who do you accept weight loss advice from & are these sources professional & trustworthy?
  • NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS STRATEGY – Are you tired of paying lots of money for so called “quick weight loss” products with no proof of clinical trials?
  • EATING PLAN – Do you have a well-balanced eating plan tailored to your individual needs?
  • CALORIC INTAKE – Have you mastered your caloric intake, customized for your particular weight loss goals?
  • MEAL PREPPING – If you don’t have the meals readily available then you may eat anything available and sabotage your goals! Sound familiar?
  • EXERCISE PLAN – Are you inactive and uncertain how to get moving safely?
  • TRACKING – Do you have a way of tracking your results?
  • SUSTAINABILITY – How good does your diet rate when it comes to sustainability?


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