Be prepared to have your current beliefs about weight loss challenged!


I have tried many weight loss products through the years that come with a promise to help you shed pounds inSlimming Capsules no time by just taking them regularly, with no clinical trials to prove this. Most of these companies will propose to take their products in conjunction with a healthy diet, which is not all together bad advice. In hindsight, I think it was the proposed healthy eating that made me lose some weight and not so much the products, or should I say, placebo!

Thinking of the possible harmful content that I ingested gives me the chills just thinking about it, damn scary thought! Still, I bought and tried these products with the hope to find that magic pill that will make a difference, but never with real lasting success! Think you will learn your lesson…… but hey, maybe some other product will work!? So you go for the next best option – sound familiar??


I also bought my fair share of exercise equipment products that soon ended up in the cupboard. The fitness models used to advertise the equipment that you are interested in buying didn’t get their abs by using this particular product alone. They trained in a gym like the rest of us and then did something else to get their abs to pop. You see, we all have abs (anatomical fact) but it is usually hidden beneath a layer of fat that makes it impossible to notice them. If you are overweight & train your abs alone, your are likely to never see them as the training alone will not magically spot reduce around your midsection.


Everyone is an expert on the subject of weight loss. I just asked and easily found lots of advice associated with the above two paragraphs. And so it is a bit like the blind following the blind, as none of these so called experts really had a track record!? But that didn’t really matter cause I was desperate and was happy to follow any advice just to see if it could, by any stretch of the imagination yield results. I even went to professionals such as GP’s just to find that some of them actually know nothing about sustainable weight loss.

YOUR CURRENT MINDSET – Expecting different results??

Your current mindset is the result of influence from childhood by role models with their own beliefs and also theParadigm Shift culmination of weight loss trial & error over many years……. You tend to stick to beliefs that you received results from but perhaps never explore or develop it far enough in order to say that you feel in control of this problem. When challenging your own belief system & applying you mind you will find that a lot of things that you make yourself believe are really far off the mark and doesn’t take all aspects of weight loss into consideration.

Perhaps not a bad idea to challenge your beliefs for once and bring about a paradigm shift. No one is sure that Albert Einstein actually said the following, but it was said that The Definition of Insanity is – Doing the same thing over & over, but expecting different results. If you keep doing and believing in what you are currently believing in then you will keep getting what you currently have, the same results over & over.

Does the following beliefs sound familiar?

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • If you want to lose weight you need to train hard & long in the gym
  • Don’t eat carbs after 7pm
  • Low-fat foods will help you lose weight
  • Healthy food doesn’t taste good
  • To lose weight you need to make hunger your friend
  • Fat genes is my problem so I won’t lose anything


Looking back I can confirm that no amount of quick fix magic pills, specialized training equipment or poor beliefs will help you overcome your problem. The answer to your problem is quite simple, not complicated at all! The place where you will have to start is by challenging your current paradigm.

Hint: Your journey starts with the word WHY. Why do you want to lose weight??


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